FRA-UNIted Achieves 3rd Place At IranOpen 2021

One of the most beautiful goals shot during this tournament: 2:0 against RoboCIn

In another Corona-dominated year, RoboCup events take place virtually. As one of the main preparation tournaments for RoboCup 2021, the RoboCup IranOpen were held from May 8th till May 11th. FRA-UNIted managed to obtain the Bronze medaille behind teams Pyrus (a renamed version of the Iranian team Cyrus) and YuShan (China).

During the main round FRA-UNIted achieved the shared first place (shared with YuShan) after achieving 16 points from 7 games.

  • FRA-UNIted vs. Quantum 3:1
  • FRA-UNIted vs. Persepolis 0:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. [C|P]yrus 1:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. OBG 3:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. MT 2:1
  • FRA-UNIted vs. YuShan 0:1
  • FRA-UNIted vs. RoboCIn 2:0

During the final day's step ladder final round, FRA-UNIted, unluckily, lost 0:1 against [C|P]yrus after an individual mistake made by our team's goalie who successfully catched the ball after a goal shot, but then unintelligibly carried the ball over the goal line by himself. All results are summarized in this document.