FRA-UNIted Achieves Bronze Medal at RoboCup Asia Pacific 2018

Local robotic soccer tournaments allow soccer simulation teams to test their current developments across the year, i.e. within the 12-month period of time between RoboCup world championships. In this spirit, the 2nd RoboCup Asia Pacific (RCAP'18, Dec 5-9th in Kish/Iran) took place at the proper time, right in the middle of the waiting time for RoboCup'19 in Sydney.

In total, 9 teams joined the vivid competitions in the 2D Simulation League, with five of them coming from Iran and four teams participating remotely (from Brazil, China, Germany, and Romania). FRA-UNIted joined the competitions and was happy to achieve the 3rd place after Cyrus (Iran) and Oxsy (Romania).

Throughout the tournament, FRA-UNIted played 21 matches, 13 of which were won, 4 drawn, and 4 lost, scoring 48 goals, while receiving 24. Besides, FRA-UNIted was the only team which was able to defeat the champion team Cyrus (two times in the course of this tournament). The animation shows the decisive goal for FRA-UNIted in the game against MT (China) for the 3rd place (1:0).

As a side note, all matches were streamed online in three channels on, being watched by 759 viewers over the days. Full result details can be found using this link.